Language Proficiency

Proficiency in foreign languages is one of the tools with which Jamia equips its students. The Jamia program focuses on the study of three major languages: English, Urdu and Arabic, with emphasis on the latter two. The medium of instruction in the majority of the classes will be Urdu. As such, applicants who have earned their high school diploma from outside of Canada, will not have to undertake any specific English language tests or programs to improve their English proficiency. The English language classes taught in Jamia will be sufficient.

Since classes and lectures will primarily be in Urdu, students will gain proficiency in this language in the first three years of the program. Through a series of Urdu grammar, literature and essay writing classes, students will gain the necessary knowledge and expertise in the language, assisting them throughout the rest of the Jamia program. It will be compulsory for students to complete each level of the Urdu language course in order to be promoted to successive grade levels.

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